Over 11 million total downloads!
The smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order gets its very own stage production!Over 11 million total downloads! The smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order gets its very own stage production!

In order to save the future of humanity, over 150 Servants must do battle across seven Singularities to collect seven Holy Grails. Touted as the most ambitious project in the history of the Fate series, the first chapter in this monumental story of protecting mankind throughout history came to an end in late 2018. The next chapter, Epic of Remnant, was then released in early 2019.

Now, the popular Sixth Singularity - Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot, featuring a scenario written by Kinoko Nasu, gets its own stage adaptation. What events will unfold as the Knights of the Round Table gather once more in the Holy City? All will be revealed on stage!


A.D. 2017
The last era in which Magecraft still existed.A.D. 2017
The last era in which Magecraft still existed.

Tasked with preventing the destruction of humanity, the Chaldea Security Organization—with its ability to see what cannot be seen with magecraft alone and to measure that which cannot be observed by ordinary science—continuously seeks out ways to ensure humanity's continued existence.

One day, Chaldea's worst fears are realized when the future it was observing suddenly vanishes. According to various calculations, humanity's eradication is certain in the year 2019.

At the same time, a number of unobservable points across history suddenly appear. Hypothesizing these are the cause of humanity's imminent extinction, Chaldea authorizes the Grand Order, an investigation with the purpose of either resolving or, if necessary, eradicating these events known as Singularities from the timeline.

Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight are dispatched on a mission to the Singularity discovered in 1273 where unusual events are occurring in the Holy Land. Whereas this area should have been reclaimed by the Crusaders, the Singularity is slowly being rewritten into a history that should not be. On one side are figures from Camelot, including the Lion King and the Knights of the Round Table, and on the other, the ancient Egyptian Sun King, Ozymandias, has claimed a new kingdom of his own.

Can the damages done to this era by these two opposing powers be undone in order to prevent mankind's eventual extinction?


【STAFF】原作:Fate/Grand Order(FateRPG) 脚本・演出:福山桜子 音楽:大塚 茜 芳賀敬太(「Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack」より) 深澤秀行(Fate/stay night Original Soundtrack&Drama CD「Garden of Avalon-glorious,after image」より) 舞台監督:瀬崎将孝 美術:松尾紘子 照明:大波多秀起(デイライト) 音響:天野高志 映像:横山 翼(オーベロン) アクション:根本太樹(ATT) 振付:楢木和也 BOB 山根和馬 松GORI 衣裳:ヨシダミホ 衣裳製作:梅森 充 ヘアメイク:黒田はるな 川井友美 遠田 瞳 古橋香奈子(LaRME) 特殊造形:林屋陽二(アトリエオレンヂ) 小道具:羽鳥健一 大道具:俳優座劇場舞台美術部 歌唱指導:原田千栄 稽古ピアノ:安藤菜々子 演出助手:きまたまき 宣伝写真:金山フヒト 宣伝美術:羽尾万里子 制作:アズプロジェクト
【CAST】ベディヴィエール:佐奈宏紀 藤丸立香:佐伯 亮/岡田恋奈(Wキャスト) マシュ・キリエライト:ナナヲアカリ アルトリア・ペンドラゴン:高橋ユウ ランスロット:小野健斗 ガウェイン:山口大地 トリスタン:菊田大輔 モードレッド:甲斐千尋 アグラヴェイン:JAY アーラシュ:西川俊介 オジマンディアス:本田礼生 レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ:RiRiKA ロマニ・アーキマン:井出卓也 奏者:Ayasa アンサンブル:おごせいくこ 加藤貴彦 澤邊寧央 高木勇次朗 前原雅樹 増山航平 松岡篤志 KiKi 島田友愛 中野夏奈 工藤博樹 合田孝人 白石拓巳 海谷ひとみ